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According to Diabetes UK, 2.9 million people in the UK have diabetes.  7 million people are considered prediabetic.

With those staggering numbers, it's no wonder healthier hampers, like these low sugar and low GI hampers, are becoming increasingly popular.

The team at DiabeticHampers.co.uk has been designing luxury, low-sugar hampers for many years now.


What do we mean by 'low sugar'?

Terms like "low fat" and 'low sugar' are commonly used to describe food and drink these days and it can be quite confusing. We use the terms "low sugar" and "no sugar' in the way defined by Diabetics UK in their article Understanding Food Labels.

They are defined as:

Low sugar has less than 5g of sugar per 100g.

No added sugar means that no sugar has been added during production. However there may be naturally occurring sugar in the food.

Reduced fat or sugar food and drink contains at least 30 percent less fat or sugar than the standard version of the product.

Tips for creating a healthy Low Sugar Food Hamper

    • Be natural - many delicious foods are naturally suited to a low sugar, no sugar diet.
    • Mix and match – choose from a balanced selection of savoury and sweet food and drinks
    • Remember to include treats –no sugar/low sugar baking and chocolate has improved so much in the last ten years, it is well worth giving it a go.



Although we strive to provide ideal products for diabetics we cannot guarantee that they are 100% suitable for all diabetics, we ask you to make your own investigations into whether they are suitable, for the particular diet recommended, please consult your G.P. or specialist.


Returns Policy

If we do not fulfil our promises, we will be willing to offer a full, no quibble refund. Please see our Returns and Cancellation Policy for more information.


DiabeticHampers.co.uk is owned and operated by Endrick Trading Ltd, a family run business based in the rural village of Balfron near Stirling in Central Scotland. Have you checked out Gluten Free Hampers yet?